About Naturamel

The Netherlands is world famous for its specialty cheeses from the provinces of South and North Holland. However, the traditional handmade Dutch farmhouse cheese is not yet marketed and exported on a large scale.

We went in search of the one-in-a-kind taste sensation of traditional Dutch farmhouse cheese and discovered these delicious speciality cheeses from genuine Dutch farmers in the verdant Gouda countryside. The farmers deliver their cheeses directly to our warehouse. That way, you can buy traditional cheese at source!

Because our Dutch farmhouse cheese is so deliciously rich and creamy, and boasts such a temptingly tangy taste, we decided to call it Naturamel. The cheese owes its distinctive flavour to the lush meadows where the cows graze. This classic Dutch landscape is rich in clover, dandelions, herbs and plenty of fresh green grass!

The natural ripening process takes place on pine boards in our warehouse according to artisanal methods.

Our quality and food safety system guarantees stringent product control, hygienic working methods, and the traceability of all raw ingredients and end products.

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